FAQ for Bard Music Player

Please check here if you have any problems with the program!

First of all, please make sure you've followed the basic instructions found at the start of the manual. If you've run the program in administrator mode and still encounter problems, whether it is with Midi files or the program itself, please read below for various issues and their respective workarounds. If even then you can't solve your problem, join the Discord to receive support and an updated FAQ.

Program issues

Playback issues

Program compatibility issues

  • Steam Don't launch the game through Steam if you're gonna use BMP. It's known to bring some issues interacting with FFXIV. You can use the official launcher or alternatives like XIVLauncher.
  • XIVAlexander Both programs can interact in a weird way, so make sure to launch BMP first and after that launch Alexander, if you absolutely have to.